I started Tres Vivant (which means "truly alive") after I went looking for beauty products that were natural. I had no idea how hard that was going to be. The ingredients that companies were putting in their products (that would be absorbed into your skin) were unhealthy. They were ingredients that I couldn't pronounce, and when I looked up what they were, couldn't believe that they were being put into "All Natural" products. I saw how small companies, who started out with a good natural idea, were being taken over by large corporations interested only in the bottom line, and how this was reflected in their ingredients. For centuries our ancestors have used what Mother Nature provided, all with amazing results. I decided, "I could do this!" — make a line of products that is really All Natural. I also knew my core values, the promises that I would not compromise on:

  1. Skin care products should be made of natural and plant-derived ingredients.
  2. We will always use high-quality ingredients that are available and ethically sourced.
  3. Synthetic, unnatural preservatives and fillers will never be added to our products, even to extend shelf life.

Our Belief:

Tres Vivant was created for the sole purpose of bringing high-quality, completely natural aromatherapy spa products to everybody. Our core values are to always keep the highest quality butters, oils, and essential oils that we can ethically source. We also believe in keeping everything natural, pure and plant-derived the way Mother Nature intended.

Deon LeFave,

Our Products

Tres Vivant currently offers a complete line of all-natural, aromatherapy products that include Body Butters, Raw Sugar Scrubs, Dead Sea Salt Scrubs, Lip Scrubs, and Lip Shimmers. Our products are always hand-made with the finest ingredients only Mother Nature provides. Tres Vivant combines the purest essential oils, moisturizing Shea and Cocoa butters, along with emollient Kukui Nut Oil to create exotic personal spa treatments. All three of our body products come in the essential oil blends of Lavender, Rose & Ylang Ylang, Tangerine Lemon and Lime, and Sandalwood with Jasmine. We sometimes also offer unique seasonal blends. Our lip products come in Cocoa, Espresso, Peppermint, Pomegranate, and Vanilla.

Our body products are designed to be used in succession, starting with our Raw Sugar Scrubs or Dead Sea Salt Scrubs that help remove the dead skin layer that dulls your skins appearance but without drying your skin; followed by our popular Body Butters to seal in the moisture that skin craves.

Tres Vivant offers wholesale pricing for authorized distributors and retailers, specifically targeting beauty stores, spas, salons, gift stores, hotels and natural markets to name a few.


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